Tyler Technologies

Tyler Technologies provides a global surgical benefit that gives you access to many of the best international hospitals and surgeons. Eligible employees and their covered dependents can choose to have select surgeries covered under the medical plan. Procedures include joint or heart valve replacement--with no out-of-pocket medical costs when choosing MMT Global Healthcare.

You also receive an incentive check from Tyler Technologies for using this program. No enrollment is necessary, and this program is available to you at any time.

World-Class Network of Hospitals

MMT Global Healthcare is a medical tourism company with an unrivaled global network of hospitals. Our focus is on providing access to high-quality patient care. Every hospital in our global healthcare network has undergone a rigorous quality review process by independent accrediting bodies. Each facility has also been reviewed internally by a former U.S. hospital executive and an experienced staff that is highly trained on hospital standards.

Many of the physicians at these hospitals are also trained in the United States and have U.S. board certifications, or have been trained in the United Kingdom. All of the physicians are available via video or phone for consultation.


Over the years, our company has helped countless patients make arrangements to have surgery abroad. This is what they have to say about the experience.

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All-Inclusive Global Surgical Package

Your global surgical benefit includes international flights for you and your companion, recovery in-country at a four-star hotel, in-country ground transportation, MMT Global Patient Services support, an in-country liaison, and $500 from our company for incidental expenses.

Because the cost of surgery in one of our international networks is significantly lower than if you had the same surgery in the U.S., Tyler Technologies saves a great deal on the procedures and shares these savings with you. With your Tyler Technologies global surgical benefit there is no out-of-pocket medical cost. The specifics of this benefit include:

No Deductible, Co-Pays, or Co-Insurance
Up to $3,000* Paid Directly to You from Tyler Technologies
$500 from MMT Global Healthcare for Incidental Expenses
2 Travel Days in Lieu of Using Sick or Vacation Time from Tyler Technologies

*The amount depends on your health plan and is taxable.

Network Hospital Locations

We have four hospitals in our global network that offer a variety of surgical procedures [link procedures page]. No matter which hospital is best for you, count on us to guide you through every step of the process. This includes transferring medical records, scheduling your procedure, making your hotel and flight reservations, facilitating discussions with your physician. Our network includes hospitals in:

Cayman Islands
Costa Rica

Contact us today to take advantage of this global surgical benefit for yourself. Based in Columbia, South Carolina, we proudly serve employers and patients across the country.