Surgery Overseas at Bangkok Hospital

Founded in 1972, Bangkok Hospital has gradually expanded into a state-of-the-art medical campus. It provides comprehensive care through multidisciplinary teams of highly trained specialists. With dedicated hospitals for cancer and heart disease and more than 30 specialized clinics and centers, Bangkok Hospital is a leading tertiary care facility providing award-winning, world-class healthcare services for surgery overseas.

In addition to excellent medical services, this hospital provides a full range of concierge services for patients. These include limousine transfer to and from any destination in Bangkok, accommodation arrangements, visa extension services, and even tours for patients’ families.

Bangkok Hospital also provides medical evacuation services via a fleet of ground and air transport services. This facility is part of MMT Global Healthcare’s provider network and carries accreditation from the Joint Commission International.

Heart Bypass (CABG x 4)
Heart Valve Replacement
Hip Replacement
Knee Replacement
Spinal Fusion

Estimated Cost
$23,500 - $24,500
$20,500 - $22,000
$15,750 - $17,000
$15,500 - $16,500
$12,500 - $13,500

Bangkok Hospital

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