Global Surgical Options

MMT Global Healthcare helps integrate benefit options for employees with superior international medical facilities. We work with agents, brokers, employers, and third-party administrators to implement medical tourism coverage for you.

We know how expensive it can be to offer competitive benefit plans that attract and retain talent. With our company, you have the comfort of a partner who understands the level of care available abroad. In addition, we have many years of experience with employee benefits and assisting patients with travel.

Let us help you include the valuable benefit of medical tourism for your employees. We can direct you to special coverage just for employers who have concerns about liability, as well as plans for individual patients. Reach out to us today to find out how you can include medical tourism as a benefit for your employees.

As an employer, you want to help your employees save money on medical costs. Offering a medical travel benefit is a great way to help. While you may include GPS for individual employees, we understand you still may have concerns. For example, if an employee goes overseas for surgery and then has complications.

Contact us today with your questions about the benefits of offering medical tourism coverage to your employees.